Monday, 6 February 2017


GATE is one of the most important exam that comes into picture every year and that the students face.  As the need for highly qualified individuals is increasing every second, people are switching to higher education and thus increasing the demands for the colleges offering post graduation degree. But to get the post graduation degree from low standard colleges would not give a secured future that is the reason people try to opt for giving the exams like GATE. All because this the demand for coaching centres have increased in the nation.

ICE GATE has taken a stand against all this happening in the nation. ICE GATE, a GATE preparation institute that had been introduced to be the best institute in the nation. The main focus of the institute is imparting education at a reasonable cost and making sure it is accessible by everyone. The institute allows GATE preparation online that means you may sit at the comfort of your place and still can access lectures and books and prepare to clear GATE with great scores.

The institute has also placed online books covering the all the subjects for engineering on sale on their website. These books are compilation of best available in the market. The books contain all the tricks and solution to clear GATE in most explanative way possible.

The best part of the institute is its GATE ONLINE MOCK TEST these ONLINE MOCK TEST FOR GATE helps the student analyse their weaknesses and work upon them and score higher in GATE.  ONLINE GATE MOCK TEST are prepared by experts to help the students to teach them time management and pressure handling skills. THE GATE MOCK TEST ONLINE are prepared keeping in mind real time situation while appearing for GATE exam. There are FREE ONLINE GATE MOCK TEST also available under GATE ONLINE MOCK TEST FREE to help the student decide which program is best for him. The institute has tried to put its hundred percent to help the student excel the exam and enter the dream college.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Best coaching for gate

gate coaching

The act of guiding, educating supporting, protecting, training, torturing, teaching, instructing drilling and enlightening someone or group of persons is regarded as coaching. Thus Gate coaching is the best possible way of guiding, educating and torturing Gate participants to instil the perfect and sufficient knowledge about the gate subjects, how to tackle to gate academy test series and how to pass the gate exams. The online ICE GATE institution offers the best gate coaching program anyone can ever ask for. The question then is, “what are best catch coaching program for gate?” The online ICE GATE institution offers a wide range of and/or different varieties of coaching programs including the online lectures test series packages. Contained in the online lectures test series packages are:

·         Online lectures
Online lectures of over 250 hours of lectures recorded by professionals and top gate faculties; sectional test with chapter test of over 80 test series containing detail analysis and solution and;  subject wise test, which is made up of over 10 detailed solution and analysis

·         Post GATE Guidance
The post gate guidance gives participants the directives, instruction and guideline as to the best way to make use of gate score for admissions.

·         Full length test
Containing 12 full syllabus test as per previous Gate pattern; all India mock test, with 8 national level relating to latest gate pattern available in the preparation program of the gate academy

·         Books
The preparation books as prepared by experts and professionals of the gate faculties are for facility learning program and improve participants as well as equip them for the exams.
Note that the online lectures are made up of video lecture and paper materials available to participants for view and study.

The online ICE GATE institution delivers the best Gate classes online because at, we possess the best online learning and studying materials capable of supporting our students, participants and subscribers in their test series and exam preparation. In addition to the online lectures through videos and study materials, we provide for our users, we also offer free coaching known as the free gate coaching service to people. Unlike other gate service providers, our free gate coaching service is impeccable, supportive, educative torturing and give users/participants a one on one contacts with our professional experts in all the gate subjects and courses including Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Join the live chart program of the onlineicegate institution and explore the opportunity of getting answers to all your questions about the gate academy test series and exams